Edison Light Bulbs - 6 Pack - Vintage Bulbs

Edison Light Bulbs - 6 Pack - Vintage Bulbs

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Give your room a warm glow - Edison bulbs feature a beautiful non-glare, warm light for up to 3000 hours.

A pack of 6 Edison light bulbs will be shipped to you.

How bright are the bulbs? -Regular 60 watt bulbs put off a bright white light - Edison bulbs have a softer, yellow appearance. In relation, a room lit with Edison bulbs is like walking into a warm coffee house.

60 watts
Incandescent Bulbs
110-130 Volts
230 Lumens (brightness)
E-26 regular base which can be screwed into everyday lighting fixtures
Squirrel Cage (vertical design within the glass)
Dimmable (can be placed on a dimmer switch at the wall)

Customer Satisfaction -- At LightLady Studio, we want you to be happy. Our light bulbs are bubble wrapped and individually boxed before being placed in a secure box for shipment. If bulbs are broken or you're not 100% satisfied, please email us at c.drennan@lightladystudio.com and we'll work with you to make the situation right by either refunding your money or sending replacements.