Frequently Asked Questions

How high should I hang my chandelier?

The bottom part (called the finial) of the chandelier should be approximately 7 feet above the floor. You want to be able to walk under your lighting without hitting your head on it but you want it to be low enough to make it part of the décor.

Keep in mind that a chandelier will look smaller the higher it hangs and will look larger the lower it hangs.

Please understand, these are guidelines, not rules. You are the one who will be seeing your chandelier in your home every day. Hang it at the height that you feel comfortable with. Just be sure to hang it high enough that your 6 foot 4 inch husband does not hit his head on it every time he walks through the space- I speak from experience and its not pretty!

How do I determine the right size chandelier for my room?

Your chandelier should be one of the focal points of your room. Finding the right size light fixture is not difficult when using the simple formula provided. The answer will give you a starting point for finding just the right size.

Measure the room by adding the dimensions together. The sum equals the diameter (in inches) of the lighting fixture you will need.

For Example: The dimensions of your room are 12 by 9. Add 12 + 9 which equals 21. Your chandelier should be approximately 21" in diameter (or 21" wide).

You can also look at the guidelines below to determine a range for the correct size fixture.

-If your room is smaller than 10x10, use a 17" to 20" wide chandelier.

-If your room is approximately 12x12, use a 22" to 27" wide chandelier.

-If your room is approximately 14x14, use a 24" to 32" wide chandelier.

Rule of Thumb: Never use a chandelier that is too small for your room. The light fixture will be distracting to the overall look you are trying to achieve.

At what height should my chandelier hang in my foyer?

The bottom of your foyer chandelier should hang no lower than 7 feet from the floor. When installed in a two-story foyer where the second story looks down on the first, the fixture should not hang below the second floor.

If you plan to hang the chandelier higher to compensate for a two story foyer, you may want to consider adding a couple of inches in diameter to the size of the light fixture so it will not appear too small when hanging.

What size chandelier should I place over my dining room table?

There is more than one answer for this question. Some say that the diameter of the dining room chandelier should be approximately half of the width of the table it will hang over. Others say it should be two feet narrower than the dining room table. Still others say the light fixture should be 2/3 of the width of the table.

Our answer, the diameter of the dining room chandelier should be between ½ to 2/3 of the width of the table it will hang over. If you are going outside that range, go larger, not smaller.

How far from the surface of my table should the chandelier hang?

The general rule is that the bottom of the light fixture should hang between 30 and 34" off of the tabletop assuming you have an 8 foot ceiling. For each foot of additional ceiling height, add 3 inches to the suspension height.

How high should I hang sconces on the wall?

The bottom of your sconce should be 60" from the floor. The top of the sconce should be eye level where you are not looking directly at the interior bulb.

How far apart should I space sconces?

To light a hallway, hang the sconces 8 to 10 feet apart and 60" from the ground.

How much light do I need for my room?

Determine the amount of wattage you need by multiplying the dimensions of your room by 1.5. Example: If you have a 10 by 13 foot room, you would multiply 10 x 13 = 130 square feet. Then multiply 130 sq ft x 1.5= 195 watts approximately.

What bulbs should I use in my chandelier? We recommend using 40 watt bulbs (or less) in Heavenly Lights fixtures. When using shades on your chandelier, you will need to use 25 watts or less for safety.

How often do I clean my lighting fixture?

We won't be sassy and say, when it's dirty, but really that is the truth. It depends on how quickly your lighting fixture gets dusty. Some customers clean their chandeliers every few months, others, every six months and some clean once a year. It's really your choice. To stretch the time between cleanings, dust your fixture lightly with a feather duster or a soft brush.

Prisms need cleaning when they are dusty and dull.

How do I clean my chandelier?

When preparing to clean any chandelier, be sure the lighting fixture is turned off and that the bulbs are cool to the touch. We find that taking a digital picture of the fixture before removing anything from it is imperative. You'd be surprised how quickly a chandelier can turn into a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle if you don't remember exactly how to put it back together.

Do not twist or turn your lighting fixture (if it is hardwired to the ceiling) when cleaning. You could experience a large, unwanted fireworks show at your home.

The frames of brass and painted chandeliers need only a good dusting. Do not apply any cleaners to painted chandeliers because the cleaner will strip the finish off. For brass chandeliers, we do not recommend brass cleaners or polish. Over time your brass chandelier will develop a nice rich patina adding value to your lighting fixture.

To clean your decorations, carefully remove all crystals, beads, prisms and chains from your chandelier. Place them in a small colander. Clean each piece by using a mild dish washing detergent on them. Next, run hot water over the prisms rinsing them well and lay each piece out to air dry. Do not use chemicals on the décorations, only mild soap and water.

When the chandelier pieces are dry, refer to that handy digital picture on how to place everything back in its original spot. Try to replace decorations from the inside out to keep from getting confused.

Prisms and beads on crystal chandeliers are handled in the same way. However, the body of a crystal chandelier is handled a bit differently. You will need to dust the crystal chandelier first with a dry cloth. Then spray your favorite glass or chandelier cleaner on a cloth (never on the chandelier) and wipe down the lighting fixture. Make sure the fixture is dry before replacing crystals.